Monday, December 29, 2008

For Next Christmas

I'm getting a bit of a jump on things here. I've made three of these Mary Maxim stockings before so I know how intricate and time consuming they are. Even though it won't be needed until next Christmas I figured I'd get a start on it now and work on it a bit at a time, in between other projects. So far I've got the beads and threads sorted and I've skimmed through the directions.

This stocking will be for our next grandchild, due April 9th or 11th depending on which doctor is asked.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From Our House to Yours

Merry Christmas!

Last Minute Addition

My granddaughter Kaylen has been playing "Christmas". After pretending to open a present she exclaims gleefully, "Mittens!". I heard about this new development late this afternoon......

.....and I decided that Grandma just had to make mittens for her. I started these at 6 pm tonight, Christmas Eve. It's 4 hours later now and they are ready to be wrapped. I'm a bit behind on a few other things that need doing, but it was worth it.

Ready For Christmas?

I'm nearly ready. The Christmas knitting is complete.

I don't go all out like some. This year the knitting has been limited to one child's sweater, two hats, and a scarf.

I just have to wrap a few that were still blocking yesterday when I did all the rest of the gift wrapping.
Several batches of shortbread have been eaten in the month of December but I've managed to freeze part of one batch. There were buttertart squares, but those have been eaten too. A few ginger crinkle cookies have survived long enough to be hidden away for tomorrow's guests. Yesterday I added (another) batch of tarts and the 2 pumpkin pies for tomorrow's desert.

This morning I did the last of the required baking. The buns for dinner.

Only a few more chores to cross off my "to do" list, some of it being a bit of final house cleaning. We're housebound by the snow and poor road conditions so our plans to do a bit of Christmas Eve visiting have been scrapped. I guess I'll have to relax and take it easy tonight. Just as well I suppose. Tomorrow will be a big day.

For the Birds

A white Christmas! The first to reach all across Canada since 1971. While we do occasionally have a bit of snow here in the lower mainland of BC, it usually doesn't stick around.

While the Canada Geese have flown south we do have birds that stay here year round. They are having a hard time of it in the snow and cold.

You can't tell by looking at this picture of my backyard that I have a LOT of birds hanging around my feeder. They all flew away when I opened the door to take the picture, but I have at least 12 robins that perch in a nearby tree and they are fluffed up like black and orange tennis balls in an effort to stay warm. The small song birds are so numerous that I can't count them fast enough, often more than 2 dozen at a time.

There are a few Stellar Jays that look like they are having a rather tough time finding food. Usually they don't go near the feeders set up for the smaller birds. They don't fit under it's eaves. Perhaps the food, black oil sunflower seeds, isn't normally to their taste either? Now they are desperately trying to cling to the sides of the feeder long enough to grab a seed or two. I've been scattering peanuts for them, which they really enjoy, but with it still snowing the peanuts are quickly buried. I've spread some of the peanuts out under our deck where the snow won't cover them, but the birds are not accustomed to finding them there.

While I can't offer them shelter from the cold, I can at least try to feed them.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Slouchy Hat

I've knit this slouchy hat, the "Meret (Mystery Beret)" by Woolly Wormhead, in 100% acrylic. It is destined to be a Christmas gift for someone who finds wool uncomfortable due to very sensitive skin.


The over sized nature of this design makes it very comfortable to wear.


It can be worn in quite a variety of ways depending on the preferences/personality of the recipient.


I like it a lot and may decide to make one for myself, but in a different colour and a much nicer fibre!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Handspun Sockettes

When attending holiday parties I usually wear thin little nylon stockings with my dressier clothes and then, having removed my shoes at the door, my feet get SO cold! This year I thought ahead and went prepared.

I whipped up these little sockette things from a bit of leftover handspun I had kicking around.

Toasty! The warmth of a wool sock without looking like I'm wearing my husband's work socks.